Life with twins.

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22 year old female living in the land of magnolias and meth.
Formerly known as Vidaduerme.
Wife, student, and mother of fraternal boy/girl twins.
Delivered via c-section on October 8th, 2012 at 36 weeks and 4 days.

I am ridiculously liberal, agnostic, and I cite my sources. If you are easily offended, this is probably not the place for you.

Oh, and my name is KT.

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For those who have passing interest.

I finally caught a bit of a break. I start as a Youth Care worker at a girls home next week. It’s a place for delinquent teenage girls to live and receive therapy to help them gain coping skills for the outside world. I don’t know if I’ll make any sort of difference or not, but I’ll try. 

It’s the first position I’ve ever had that paid more than minimum wage. A whopping 8.50 an hour. For that, I’m moving two and a half hours away from my parents with my twins and husband into the single wide trailer my mother in law owns. We will be sharing it with her and her three teenage sons. 

This is what I will do for 8.50 an hour. This is what is required of me to make sure my kids eat and have diapers. My previous job as a Dollar General cashier cut me from 33 hours to 13, with no warning. Post holiday retail cuts are a bitch, and no one gives a shit if you have kids or not. 

I don’t make any damn sense, I can’t write anymore. Doesn’t matter, won’t have internet after today.

Wish me luck, tumblr. It’s a long road.

So what happened to Brin?

I’m frequently without a computer, but I still try to keep up with all of you. Imagine my surprise when I pop in and Brin has disappeared! What happened? 

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My kids turned one on the 8th. Because I am a bad mother, there was no big party, theme, or photo ops. Just the kids at my grandma’s house for an hour or two, smashin’ some cake. 

Some days I wonder what happened to the dose of creativity I was supposed to get at birth. Then I realize I burned it out in minimum wage-slave hell years ago.

I hate my job. Can you tell?

My kids are adorable, though. God save me from the toddler rebellion. They can now magically climb any barrier I put up and open the lids to things.

Never sleeping again.

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So me and Joe are looking for other places to live. And by places I mean cities.



So where do you guys live? 

What’s minimum wage?

What’s cost of living like?

What’s the average for a 1 bedroom apartment, if you know?

And lastly, what’s the area like?

avoid the south. whatever you do…. just avoid the south.

Tennessee, 7.25, cheap as hell. 350ish, tiny and very country. Avoid.

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How do you get a damn desk job?

I’m serious. I’m qualified for one, I can damn near make a computer do backflips. I know phone systems inside and out. I have customer service skills for miles. How do I land the job? 

My resume is primarily service industry. Grocery stores, restaurants, etc. I’ve got a sprinkle of secretarial stuff but it’s all work-for-credit school jobs. No one seems to take those seriously.

Do I just walk into doctors offices and real estate places and beg? Do I volunteer at church offices and keep my shitty cashiering position? Do I pray for a 36 hour day so I can fit that all in?

I’m at a loss. Shitty part time jobs are killing me, I don’t want to be the minimum wage cashier getting shit on everytime someone needs a few more hours or wants to go on vacation. I’m sick of not having any benefits and getting screamed at over a malfunctioning credit card machine. I’m sick of smelling like food permanently. Advice? Any and all please. 

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How I host dinner parties.

How I host dinner parties.

All the frustration.

Nothing to channel it on. Need to do homework. Need to stop mainlining caffeine pills like they’re candy. 

The girl at the gas station actually thought No-Doze was a candy. I had to explain that it was a caffeine supplement, and she told me that was gross.

I don’t even.


Meanwhile, in crazy land. No weed, dude dropped off the face of the planet. Probably for the best. Need to get my jaw to unlock. Need to stop sleeping in a chair. Need to be a better example.

Need to stop rambling.